Trigger import from JIRA with an API request (cloud)

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for each account the permission level to do an Import manually is the administrator,
and in cloud we can have as many as 1 import a day + event process
users that are not admins are asking , is there a way to send a request to do a manual import via API ?

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I hear you on this one! Unfortunately, there is no REST API endpoint to call and trigger the import. I’ve added your vote to the ticket in our backlog for this idea, but there is no clear timeline if or when this will be implemented. We’ll let you know if there is any progress on this!

Until then, the only option, as you already mentioned, is to assign the “Data admin” role for that particular account to a user that could then trigger the data import for that account.

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Indeed, it’s a required implementation. If not implemented via API, at least, there should be a user role which can trigger imports but cannot see ALL the reports but only those assigned to them.

Also I’m looking for a solution to delegate the Jira Admin role to a person however I’m concerned that I have in eazyBI finance reports which should be on limited audience and not accessible to my IT department who should manage Jira. Any idea?