Troubleshooting for EazyBI Dashboard Subscriptions


I am having troubles with my EazyBI Dashboard Subscriptions. They send every day but Saturday. I’m assuming its an Exchange issue on my side. How can I troubleshoot it on the Jira/EazyBI side with logs etc? I can’t find anything in the EazyBI logs saying its sent or not? Assuming it is using Jira mailer, but do you have any specific tips as to how to troubleshoot from the Jira/EazyBI side?

eazyBI allows selecting weekdays when the dashboard should be sent enabling dashboard email subscription.

There are some options to set the limits in eazyBI advanced settings when the dashboard email subscriptions should work in general. If the dashboard subscription (or any other background jobs) should occur at the moment when it is not allowed we will put it in a queue and run on available hours. Those limits are specified by time of the day, not by weekdays, though. There are no options on how to manage background jobs based on weekdays or more complicated scheduling scenarios. This is on our ideas list, though.

eazyBI should log activity in queues log file. You can access last activities there via the Troubleshooting page as well.

Here is a line representing that dashboard email was sent:
2021-01-15 09:30:01 +0200 INFO: [dashboard_email 1] *** DashboardEmailSubscription id=1 send_dashboard_email([1]) start ***
2021-01-15 09:30:05 +0200 INFO: [dashboard_email 1] Rendered vendor/gems/eazybi/app/views/dashboard_mailer/pdf_export.html.haml (18.2ms)
2021-01-15 09:30:11 +0200 INFO: [dashboard_email 1]
2021-01-15 09:30:11 +0200 INFO: [dashboard_email 1] Sent mail to (5496.6ms)
2021-01-15 09:30:11 +0200 INFO: [dashboard_email 1] *** DashboardEmailSubscription id=1 send_dashboard_email([1]) done: 9.861 sec ***

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