Trying to bring back Stories committed at the Start of a Sprint vs. Stories now in Done Status

Hello - totally new to eazyBI and the way its queries are constructed are so different from anything else it’s proving a challenge.

Just trying to show:

  1. Those Stories that were committed at the start of a Sprint ([Measures].[Sprint issues committed] seems to bring back no data when I reference that…I can’t even seem to find that measure in my list of measures)
  2. Those Stories now with a Status = Done (i.e. completed within the Sprint).

Any help much appreciated. I’m running a server version of JIRA v6.4.1

Or could someone at least help me understand how to create my own “Stories committed to Sprint” measure :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delayed answer.
The standard measures of eazyBI should appear in the “Agile” section of the Measures block:

You might need to check following if you can not see the measures:

  1. the version of the eazyBI add-on in your Jira. Those measures are available starting from the eazyBI version 4.3
  2. The import options of the data source must have the Sprint dimension imported, and the Statuses and history option turned on:

With these options turned on you should see the full model of the Jira Software support in eazyBI:

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks Janis - seems that the eazyBI version my company has is out of date, so the latest agile measures aren’t available :frowning: hopefully will be upgraded soon and will report back if all is well :slight_smile:

@janis.plume (and other guru’s of course!)…could you help me understand how the following are different in terms of what they’d return:

Sprint Story point committed:
NonZero(( [Measures].[Story Points history],
[Sprint].CurrentMember.get(‘Start date’))

compared with

Story Points Committed (from other user I found in the forum):
CoalesceEmpty ([Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed],
[Measures].[Story Points history])