Trying to Create Calculated Formula To Count the Amount of Days that A Ticket Has Been Open For

I’m trying to create a calculated formula that will count the amount of days that a ticket has been open for, assuming that it is still open. I’ve heard that this is works with transition states, but that the problem is that this is for a report that contains the unique properties for issues. When I attempt to use a transition state on the report, it crashes, likely because of the number of issues - the report contains 5,000+ rows.

I need the formula to run the following calculations:

  1. Check if whether the ‘Issue Status’ is resolved.
  2. If the ‘Issue Status’ is not resolved, then subtract the number of days between the issue created date and the current date and compute the value.
  3. If the Issue Status is resolved, then leave the cell blank.

I’ve tried creating several formulas, including the one below, but I either am unable to save the formula, or an error message appears after running my calculation.
=IIF([Issue].[Resolution State]<>‘Resolved’, DateDiffDays([Measures].[Issue created date], Now()), ‘’)

Is there a way to get such a formula to work in EazyBI?

Hi @kcontreni

In this case, we would recommend using our predefined measures “Average age days” and “Average age workdays” together with “Resolution” dimension.

You could filter your report for unresolved issues and these measures should show the age of ticket since creation (in days or workdays).

Martins / eazyBI support