Trying to filter out Issues that have a scpecific Priority

Hi there, I am very new to eazyBI and I was wondering if I could get some assistance or if there is previous documentation as to where to find this problem.
We have
Issues: [SCR, Story, Bug]
and we have
Priorities: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

I am trying to include all the data from all the issues, however I am trying to filter out
SCR’s that have a priority 5, since that data does not take part of the full data.
How would I approach this problem?
Thank you

Hi @djvitos1,
Welcome to the eazyBI community! :wave:
One of the options is to use JQL filter in your data source import to get only a particular set of issues in your account. See more here:

Another option is to subtract the tuple with data you don’t want to be included in some particular measure.
Here for example I exclude from issues created low priority issues:

[Measures].[Issues created] - ([Measures].[Issues created], [Priority].[Low])