Trying to get percentage of projects that hit milestones on time (based on a custom measure)

Hi, I am trying to show the percentage of projects that have hit the resolution date on time (red vs green). I’m not sure how to go about this - For example, this should show total of In time, or not delivered in time

Hi @Nrow,

​The displayed report seems to have individual issues on report rows.
​If you are looking for the percentage of projects or issues that have met the due date, you might step up to a higher hierarchy level within the dimension to cover the relevant issues.

​You might then perform the iteration through the underlying issues and find the number of compliant and non-compliant issues.
​The proper expression depends on your definition of green and red. However, the expression for the number of green might look similar to the following.

--generate set of issues within the hierarchy
--filter conditions
--issue has due date within current Time member
   [Measures].[Issues with due date]>0
--issue resolved within current time member
   [Measures].[Issues resolved]>0
--resolved ontime
     [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Due date'),
      [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Resolved at')))
--numeric value for sum
 [Measures].[Issues with due date])

​You might divide this by the measure “Issues with due date” or another measure defining the total issues in scope.

​Additional details about your definition of issues in scope, green, and red categories would help create the right expression for your setup.

​Oskars /