Trying to import PNG exported graph into PowerBI - need to resize the PNG export

We have png and PDF export working at our site. I can use the generated URL in a browser bar to show the correct exported graph. I can also import an image via URL in PowerBI report and it shows correctly. I cannot see the correct graph as an image in PowerBI. I get the attached error image. Column 2 should be the exported image.

I have 1 of 2 problems (or possibly both)

  1. I am not connecting to the image file correctly. There is not log in prompt.
  2. The image size is too large to fit into PowerBI. I want to resize the image in the URL string to paste in PowerBI.

Are there size parameters I can pass in the URL string for the png export that resizes the image?

Hi Chuck,

Based on the screenshots, it seems, the question is more related to PowerBI than to eazyBI.
Let me know if I misinterpret the question and happy New Year!

Ilze /

Hey Ilze,
Happy new year to you as well!! I dont think it is JUST a Power BI issue. I can import a small jpeg or png files, like a picture of an apple, successfully into PowerBI. So, I believe it is either some type of security issue or the exported image is too big. Here is a better question:

Can I resize the exported png file by passing size parameters in the URL?

hello again Ilze,
here is an example of the report URL I am trying to use

Here is the same report URL with some resizing parameters.

None of these resizing parameters are working on the size of the image. Do you have logic or parameters that work to limit the size of the EazyBI image?