Two calculated member formulas are returning different results

I have two formulas:
(upload://zQXiTB4Pw20M5Hb8G2LWT3yy8xu.jpeg) that should return the same values but when I place them in a report I get:


Bug 1 works correctly but bug2 totally ignores the Issue Type criteria. What is causing this?

Hi @jeffscudder,

The formula for “Bug Two” is missing the opening and closing brackets for the tuple expression. Therefore, eazyBI only executed the first part of the formula it can recognize - returns the value of measure “Issues created” ignoring the issue type that follows after comma.

The correct expression with a tuple for created bugs would be like this:

  [Measures].[Issues created],
  [Issue Type].[Bug]

Check out the documentation and training videos form more details on tuples:

Zane /

Thank you for the clarification, as a new user I miss these little items. Also appreciate the quick reponse.