Unable to create a report with count of unique values that a custom field assumed in a time interval


I’m trying to create a report where I need to show the time (weekly from T-13W to current week) on the X-axis and the Y-axis needs to show the sum of number of unique values that a field called “Implementer” and another field called “Internal Reviewer” assumed during that time interval. Both these fields are of type “User Picker (single user)”.

For example if in week T-12W (12 weeks ago from today), there were 250 issues worked upon and these 250 issues/tickets had the values of “Implementer” field as either “Ashish” or “Drago” or “Priyansu” and the values of “Internal Reviewer” field as either “Vaibahv” or “Andy”, then the Y-axis value for T-12W would be 3+2 = 5.

I’m unable to achieve what is specified above for the Y-axis. Please help.

You would like to count members (users) in this dimension if they had a specific activity you would like to use.

Here is an example formula to count Implementers that worked on unresolved issues in the period:

Descendants([Implementer].CurrentMember, [Implementer].[Implementer]),
[Implementer].CurrentMember.Name <> “(none)” and
(([Measures].[Issues history],
[Resolution].[(unresolved)]) >= 0

You can use the option Drill across>Implementer to see particular users with this formula.

You can consider enabling and importing value changes for this custom field to see changes in this field as well.

Daina / support@eazybi.com