Unable to export from a report embedded in iframe on Confluence Page

Hello. I have embedded an eazyBI report into an iframe on a Confluence page. I have enabled export by checking the box “Enable results export” that appears when I click on ‘Embed report’ menu. The report works fine from confluence page - for instance, I am able to change filter value, move the columns. The export icon appears as well. However when I click on the export icon and select any of the 3 options (CSV, XLS or PDF), it seems the export happens (I can see the busy wheel turning) but the report does not get downloaded. Can you please let me know if I have missed a setting or permission or if this is a known issue?
Thank you!

Hello @jayanthav

Thanks for posting your question!
Even though you also contacted us directly, I will post the answer here as well, in case other eazyBI users have the same question.

When using the iframe option to add the dashboard in Confluence pages, you won’t be able to download the whole dashboard. This is due to Confluence/Atlassian security. You should be able to download the reports individually from the dashboard, as marked in the screenshot below.
However, downloading the whole dashboard is possible if you use the eazyBI for the Confluence App. It is our recommended functionality as it has smoother integration with Jira and allows users to include eazyBI reports in Confluence page export to PDF or Word document. You can learn more about eazyBI for Confluence here - Publish in Confluence pages

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Elita from support@eazybi.com