Unable to find XRay Import option for Jira Cloud version


We want to import the data from Xray to eazyBI because of more flexibility with the report generation. We are using the JIRA Cloud version and have the Xray and eazyBI apps integrated to the same.
As of now, in the Add-ons tab , while importing data in eazyBI, the option for Xray is not visible .

In a community post back in October '20 about the same issue, an eazyBI staff had replied that the Xray import option is available for the Jira server version and is not supported for the Jira Cloud version. Please find the link to the post here:

Can someone provide an update on whether it is now available for the Jira Cloud version or not?


Hi @Rimaru,

The Xray integration in Cloud is still in the beta testing phase and therefore is not available in import options by default. The main functionality is in place, but we are working on performance issues and stabilizing the solution.

If you would like to use the beta version and participate in testing, drop a line to support@eazybi.com.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Thanks a lot for the update and quick response @zane.baranovska.