Unable to get consistent timeline on X-axis for any time-based graph


I created a report which shows the number of open issues by status through time. However I noticed that not all month are on the abscissa axis (only two months for year 2018 for instance) as it is shown on the following picture:

I thought it was because I did not have enough data for the missing months but when I changed my report from a bar to a timeline, I had a completely different abscissa axis with new months showing up and disappearing.

I am still trying to understand how eazyBI determines which months should be on the report and what is the use of the “nonempty” button because It does not changed much on my report.

Moreover, by scanning the web, I learned it was possible to add manually the missing months but I was wondering if there is another way to do it because it is not a sustainable solution.

Frankly speaking, I do not know any other reporting tool when the timeline is not completely displayed on time-based graphs and typically JIRA handles it very well for any time-based graph (ex : ‘Created vs Resolved Chart’).
We are currently experimenting eazyBI for potential deployment and this weakness, if confirmed, could clearly be a show-stopper.

Could you provide some information about this ?