Unable to Import data from SQL server to existing Jira Issue cube

Hi Team,

We are exploring the EasyBI for Jira reports.
We have zephyre integration with Jira and also We have certain data related to test execution in sql server database. I would like to import data from SQL server database to Jira Issues Cube.

I am facing the problem while import. Here the error is as below
Missing Issue dimension member for {“issue_key”=>"testST-1 "} and new record creation is not allowed.

Hi @parvati

When importing additional data to your Issues cube, it is not allowed to add new Issue members.

However, if you would like to add additional details to the existing members, the keys have to match exactly how they are in your Jira. In this case I see that there is a space after the key "testST-1 ".

Could you please check and correct your additional data source, so that the keys do match?
You can also apply custom javascript code to the key column to clear any trailing spaces.

Also, I would recommend enabling the “skip missing” option for the key column so that the import would ignore and not try to import and error on issues that are not present in the Issues data cube.

​Let me know if you have any additional questions on this!
​Best regards,
​Nauris / eazyBI support