Unable to load eazybi Report into gadget selectPageId=xxxx


thanks in Advanced to all of you.

I am unable to load Eazy bi report data into the gadget. when i drill to gadget which is pointing to the eazybi report found that eazy bi report is unable to load data so gadget is not loading data properly. However data was already present in Jira system which eazybi report was unable to get. I am not sure it’s known issue or not! but in case any one has had this issue then kindly help here.

Thank you,
tousif shaikh.

Hi @tousifs

It seems this question is already solved within a support request.
This is not a typical scenario. In such cases when something does not work as expected (data are not loaded, errors appear, etc), it is worth to contact support directly as there could be numerous reasons for such a mulfunction.

Gerda // support@eazybi.com