Unable to map the CSV imported data to desired report format in EasyBI

Hi Experts,
We have an urgent issue to sort out to the client.
We need to map the data that was imported to EasyBI to a desired format. This data has all related issue types like alphanumeric, numbers, dates and so on. We need to map them exactly as how the client needs.

Source file after import :
Finding 1 ,Finding Open ,2018-07-31,Mansour ,abc,Audit 1 ,1,Section 1 ,Business Area 1
Finding 2 ,Finding New ,2018-07-31,Finding Owner 2 ,abc 2 ,Audit 2 ,2,Section 2 ,Business Areas 2
Finding 3 ,Finding in Analysis ,2018-07-31,FO 3 ,abc 3 ,Audit 3 ,3,Section 3 ,Business Area 3

Target format needed

Summary Status Date Reporter Description Audit details Unit No Section Business Area
Finding 1 Finding Open 31/07/2018 Silpa abc Audit 1 Unit 1 Section 1 Business Area 1
Finding 2 Finding New 31/07/2018 Finding Owner 2 abc 2 Audit 2 Unit 2 Section 2 Business Areas 2
Finding 3 Finding in Analysis 31/07/2018 FO 3 abc 3 Audit 3 Unit 3 Section 3 Business Area 3

Dear Team,

Can you please have a video call to discuss on this?
We already bought a license 2 months back and we need a solution for this usecase.

Can we get some quick online help please?

Hi Silpa

I would suggest using a combination of dimensions and properties in mapping. The tabular reports work the best with properties. They could work slow with dimensions. However, you can’t use properties in other overview reports as dimensions.

You may want to build several reports in eazyBI, some overview and some detailed tabular reports on detailed data.

If you want to build overview reports, for example, counting how many objects are in a particular status, or business area, you may want to import those columns as dimensions.

In some cases, we suggest duplicating columns and import one as dimension and another one as property. For example, if you build the dimension Findings to represent each Row, you can import Status as new dimension Status. You can duplicate the Status column (in source file) and import it as property Status for dimension Findings as well. Please use properties for tabular detailed reports whenever possible, in this case, Finding status. For overview reports, you can use Status dimension to count many Findings by Statuses.

Date columns could be imported both as properties and measures as well. Map it as property for Findings and eazyBI will allow importing counter based on this date as a measure.

Here is more about mapping principles:

Daina / support@eazybi.com