Unable to pull records of Zephyr

Hi Team,

Please find the below screenshot as I could’t pull any of the records from Zephyr. those issue present in the report is having data in zephyr.

Hi @MaheshwarReddy

You have selected Issue hierarchy in the report rows.
Therefore, issue properties (Issue assignee to Issue Parent Link) values are displayed for all issues.
Meanwhile, Zephyr Squad measures usually are related to Zephyr Squad dimensions (Requirements, Defects) and you need to use them in the report or create calculated measures to show values to Issues instead. Here is more about those measures and dimensions in our doc: Zephyr Squad Test Management for Jira

  1. Measure “Story Points created” should show value if the particular issue has actual story points value in its Jira ticket and there are no specific Page filter applied in the report. You may also use “Issue Story points” property instead.
    If, in the report rows, you have selected a higher level issues and story points are assigned only to their children, you may want to use Issue dimension Epic or Advanced Roadmap hierarchies to get story points value summed up.

  2. “Zephyr Squad Tests created” measure counts 1 for each Test type issue. Usually, this measure is used together with Zephyr Squad Requirement dimension to get the number of tests created/scheduled for each requirement ticket.
    However, you may create a new calculated measure (in Measures) to show for each issue which is also Zephyr Squad requirement, their number of tests:

([Measures].[Zephyr Squad Tests created],
 [Zephyr Squad Requirement].[Requirement].GetMemberByKey([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Key),

The value will be shown only for issue which are defined as requirements and linked with specific links to Zephyr Squad tests!

  1. “Zephyr Squad Defect assignee” is a property of “Zephyr Squad Defect” dimension members, and, as for any property, the values is displayed only if members of this dimension are in the report.

Ilze, support@eazybi.com

Hi @ilze.leite

Can I have any demo or sample report of **Zephyr **
And as you mentioned I have selected Issue hierarchy in the report rows and what need to be selected at the row level.

Hi @MaheshwarReddy

You may see several Zephyr Squad sample reports grouped in the folder “Samples Zephyr Squad” after you have imported Zephyr data into eazyBI (the option “Import Sample reports” should be enabled in import options). Use those sample report to explore your Zephyr Squad data and how to combine Zephyr Squad measures and dimensions!

Zephyr Squad tests are issues with a particular issue type “Test”. You may use the Issue dimension to represent tests (and use Zephyr Squad measures related to tests).
However, if you want to see testing information for other issues types (e.g. Enabler, which, if I understand correctly, are higher-level issues that have been tested), you may want to use the “Zephyr Squad Requirement” dimension; or “Zephyr Squad Defects” for the issues found during the test executions.

In other words, use Zephyr Squad measures and properties with respective Zephyr Squad dimensions instead of using the default Issue dimension!

As I mentioned in my previous answer, you may retrieve some information for the Issue dimension by creating a user-defined calculated measure (more or less similar to the calculation I provided you to substitute Zephyr Squad Tests created). To do that, you still need to understand which Zephyr Squad dimensions and measures are mutually related.

Ilze, support@eazybi.com