Unable to reset authorization after previously setting it to a new user


I have only recently reset authorization on our source data however, I need to change the username again. As my organization has created a better solution.

However, since resetting the username to my own JIRA account, the option to reset authorization has now gone.

I still have all the admin rights to JIRA as I am the administrator. Others can also see the “Reset Authorization” option in the Source data Screen, who have the same level of permissions as I do.

Is there a known issue that once you are set as the user who performs the import the reset authorization option disappears?



That is the expected behavior of the data import authorization.

The approach for the authorization is that users can reset it only for themselves. Once you are the authorized user, the reset authorization option is not visible anymore. All other users who are not authorized but have at least the data admin role in the account can reset their authorization.

Janis, eazyBI support

Great. Thank you very much