Unable to view EazyBI dashboards/reports


We are unable to view the dashboards and EazyBI reports in our Jira application. We are getting Out of memory errors while trying to view the reports. Please have a look over the screenshot attached, Also while checking JVM memory allocation in troubleshooting section i found below details,

JVM options

-Xms4g -Xmx8g

JVM memory

Total 7801 MB Free 4699 MB Max 7801 MB

JVM process CPU load

13.15 %

Hi @anshu,

With these kinds of errors, we recommend contacting support directly at support@eazybi.com and sending the definitions of reports that are producing these errors. As you have already done that, here is a recap of the suggestions in optimizing the reports:

All the reports affected by the errors had a couple of measures in common causing the performance issues. And the suggestion was to start with improving them.

There was complex IFF statement in the “Epic completion date” measure, used to calculate the Issues committed, that is looking for smallest of the three dates of an Epic issue. The following changes were suggested to this measure -

First create two new measures to get the calculated dates:

  • Last transition to NFT date

    ( [Measures].[Transition to status last date],   [Transition Status].[NFT])
  • Last transition to FIT date

    ([Measures].[Transition to last date],    [Transition Status].[FIT],   [Phase Status].[Done])

Then you can use these in a more efficient formula to get Epic completion date as follows - this will return the minimum of the three dates

  {[Measures].[Issue resolution date],
  [Measures].[Last transition to NFT date], 
  [Measures].[Last transition to FIT date]},

If this does not help then probably the Epic completion date should be calculated in a JavaScript custom field as well and imported as property to Epic issues.

Kind regards,
Roberts // eazyBI support