Unfortunately we have copied jira application folder to another server and started the application from there

Hi Team,

We have recently copied our jira application data folder from one server to another server and we started the application. so from the new server jira server application connected to our eazyBI database. now we want to revert it to our old server itself. Kindly help us to fix this issue.

Mugilan Sukumar

Hi @msuku123,

When copying the Jira data folder, remember to exclude the eazybi.toml file, which contains the eazyBI database connection definition.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Ensure both Jira instances have the JIRA_BASE_URL properly configured for correct links in Jira administration settings (see Atlassian documentation for details: Configuring the base URL).

  2. Set up separate databases for each eazyBI instance to avoid conflicts. Adjust the database connection parameters in eazyBI settings (eazyBI app → ‘cogwheel’ icon in the top-right corner → Settings). More details on database parameters are described in eazyBI documentation: Installation on Jira

  3. Restart the Jira instances after configuring the JIRA_BASE_URL and eazyBI database connections.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com