Unique / Distinct Defect Count in Zephyr

I have a report which shows the number of tests executed and the test defect count for each test cycle using the Measures ‘Zephyr Tests executed’ and ‘Zephyr Tests defect count’. The issue I have is that within a test cycle a single defect can be attached to multiple test cases therefore making the defect count in the report higher than it actually is. Is there a calculated measure for ‘Unique/Distinct defect count’ in a test cycle or can I make my own?


Right, the defect count is multiplied by the number of test cases attached.

You can create your custom distinct defect count with the following formula:

Descendants([Zephyr Defect].CurrentHierarchyMember,[Zephyr Defect].[Defect]),
[Measures].[Zephyr Tests defect count] > 0 )

Janis, eazyBI support