Unique issue count

Hi all,
I need to get the unique issue count value even the issue have more then one component.
For Example:
if i have 3 issue with the following components
A - X,Y.
B - Y.
C - X,Y, Z.
I need to get the issue count as 3, but i am getting the issue count as 6 which is calculating based on the component associated with issues.
Any idea on how to show only unique issue count ?

Hi Radhika,

Which calculated Measure are you using?
Using [Measure].[Issues created] should give you the correct number as this one is counting the issues not taking into account any other parameters.

Seems that your problem comes from the way you configured the report.

Can you provide an overview?


Hi @Radhika

When using multi-value fields in your report, the Issue will be counted towards all the applicable selections. For example, if the issue has both the X and the Y components, then this issue would return the value 2 for “Issues created”.

To counter this, please use the distinct issue count measure “Issues created count” instead of the “Issues created” measure in your report.

​Best regards,
​Nauris / eazyBI support