Urgent request to find defect Triage for particular component

Hi Team,

Thanks for helping me till now with the great eazyBI. I have learnt so much but still need your expertise on the report I am trying to create.

We want to calculate defect Triage time (how much time defect is sitting in unknow component). and percentage week by week.
I have small example:

30% is example for particular component (Unknown)

60 % is all other components the defect is traversed.

please help me as this is very urgent for my client.



The likely limitation for the implementation of this use case is that eazyBI data model does not collect the history of the multiple-value fields (like Component). There could be a workaround for some cases in the eazyBI for Jira Cloud, but no solution on Data center currently.

Janis eazyBI support