URL to open a report with a specific filter applied to a dimension


We have a report that shows the issue count, hours spent, cost of those hours per epic and project. The report has a page filter for Time (year) and Project

Would it be possible to have a link to that report with a specific project/epic selected in the page filter?

We want to show the total “cost of a project/epic” to the owner (but they should only see that project/epic)

In fact, we want to create a dashboard with two or three reports of the same project/epic and filtered with the same values from URL (Cost of hours spent, costs of materials, team involved, …)

I’ve had look and found a topic about the selected_pages parameter for dashboards, but couldn’t find more information on other parameters or dynamics filters

Thanks in advance!


This documentation page should explain how to embed reports with dynamic page filters:

That works for the dashboards as well once you have common page filters on the dashboard. I tried an embedded dashboard with such parameters to embed a dashboard with specific project selection:



Janis, eazyBI support