Use common filter on multiple reports added on Confluence page

with the build in Dashboard of eazyBI it is possible to define common filters which are applied to all the reports included on the dashboard. Is there a way to have similar feature also enabled on confluence pages? For example if you have two reports added to a confluence page, I would like to change at a single place the filter settings which is then applied to both of the reports.
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Yes, you can insert an eazyBI Dashboard macro in the Confluence page and select the eazyBI dashboard with a common page filter on it.

Martins / eazyBI support

Hello @martins.vanags , yes that will work - but does not solve may goal. I would like to put the same report two (or multiple) times on the same confluence page (or eazyBi dashboard) and use each with some small changed settings.
For example have the Table view left and the bar chart view right of the same analysis.
Or have a Table left and same table right with some removed columns.

I understand that on the dashboards you can only put each analysis only one single time, right?


I see. In that case, there are no good options to filter all reports on the same confluence page.

Did you notice that you can hover the mouse on the table icon on the chart to see the same report in the table view?

Martins / eazyBI support

Hello @martins.vanags, yes many thanks. I know that icon ;-).
Is there any specific reason, why it is only allowed/possible to add each report once on a dashboard?

Meanwhile I use a workaround and simply copy the confluence page(s) and have different filter settings predefined. Just open each page it in edit mode and change within source code view the filter settings with “find and replace all”.

Many thanks


Actually, we have a new feature request to let users add the same report on the dashboard multiple times, but I can’t share any promises on the release date.
I guess, nobody was asking this that often so we haven’t prioritized this yet.
Meantime, you would need to stick to your workaround.

Martins / eazyBI