Use dimension as a new measure for distinct Epics

Hi, I have a dimension called ‘FAS_ID’ - This unique number can be repeated in several epics.
When I am measuring the Epic based on status , I want to count distinct this FAS_ID field , so eventually if I have 20 counted Epics - I want to show only the distinct which will be less than 20.

Please let me know if this is feasible.


eazyBI does not have default measures counting distinct dimension members. You would like to count members of any dimension in this case. Here is an example formula for this:

  Descendants([FAS_ID].CurrentMember, [FAS_ID].[FAS_ID]),
  [Measures].[Issues created] > 0 

I used a measure Issues created as a filter. It will count the unique FAS_ID members for a specific selection based on the issue (Epic) created date. You can use any other measure if needed there as a filter as well.

Daina /

Thx, but it did not work for me. Is it supporting label fields?

It seems there is some specific I am missing here. Could you share more information here or via describing the case in more detail?

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