Use filter (?) to get group activity

I am trying to get a report for managers to show the time logged for a subset of staff. I basically want the
[Measures].[Hours Spent] where the [ Logged By].[Name] is in a set of a few names eg (‘John Smith’, Jane Doe’,‘Ann Nonomus’) I can’ t figure out how to link the dimensions to make a filter as I have no idea what is behind the [Hours Spent] measure.

Hi @EdP,

You might want to define a new calculated member in Logged by dimension to get a subset of particular members.
The expression for aggregate might look like this:

  [Logged by].[John Smith],
  [Logged by].[Jane Doe],
  [Logged by].[Ann Nonomus]

Then use Logged by dimension with measure Hours spent to show how many hours are logged by users or sub-set of users.
More details on how to define new calculated members and group them by some criteria are in the documentation:

In eazyBI, is the option to import jira user groups as well. This way, you can use dimension Logged by Group with measure Hours spent to see how much work was logged by each user group. Please see the documentation on how to get user group dimensions in eazyBI:

Zane /