Use more then 2 Insight Schemes

Hello togehther,

We are using Jira Service Management in Cloud.
right now there is a maximum of 1 Insight scheme per Account.

  1. Is there a plan to raise this maximum and make it possibly to use more then 1 scheme?

For the moment is there any workaround to get my use case fixed?

My Use Case:
We have 2 schems. First one is an Insight schema with all organizational information like Sites and Employees. Second one is a scheme for all different types of Licenses.

Now i want to use Eazy Bi as Tool to made monthly reports of
How many Licenses are Used at the side and which users have which license.

At the moment i see no chance to made this report.

Maybe you can help me out with your ideas.

Best Regards and thank you.


Hi @lmersich ,

Unfortunately, there can only be one Insight schema per account for now.

The possible workaround for your situation is to import Insight data into two separate intermediate accounts and, in each of them, create reports that give out the available data required for the final report.
Then you might export eazyBI report results in CSV format using REST API (Report results export API). And use this REST API as a data source for some other eazyBI account, marking that the content type is CSV (Import from REST API).

You would need to use the same IDs of a common dimension in both initial reports to allow data mapping in the resulting data cube.

Oskars /