Use property of Insight Object in eazyBI

Hi all,

we are currently trying to include a property from Insight into eazyBI but don’t seem to have access to it, even though it is imported via “Source Data” as “Measure” as well as “Property”.

This is our current calculation:

[Tool].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ‘TOOL.*’

We filter for Members of the Object [Tool], which is defined in Insight and includes individual Tools such as “TOOL1”, “TOOL2” etc.

Some of the Tools are still in installation, so we want to filter them out by checking the field “Installation done” which is a boolean true/false value (or by checking if the field “Installation date” is not empty).

This would be our approach:

[Tool].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ‘TOOL.*’
AND [Tool].CurrentMember.getBoolean(‘Installation done’)

Without the getBoolean part, we get all Tools included in the [Tool] category, but with this additional line we don’t get any results back.

Can you please provide some guidance on why this is? Do we need to include this “Installation done” or “Installation date” field another way or address it differently?

Thank you for the support!


If the following condition excludes all dimension members - the reason might be a data mismatch.

AND [Tool].CurrentMember.getBoolean('Installation done')

You might check the presence and the actual format for the property “Installation done” by using the .AllProperties function.

You might create a new report, expand the Tools dimension to the level of the actual tools and create a report-specific calculated measure in the Measures dimension with the following expression.


This measure would display all the properties that have been imported for the members of the Tools dimension.
If that property uses 0 or 1, or “True” and “False” - please adjust the condition in your expression accordingly.
It might also be possible that the spelling or the capitalization of words differs between the actually imported name of the property and the one used in the expression like “installation done” or “Instalation Done”.

Possibly, you might use one of the following options.

NOT IsEmpty([Tools].CurrentMember.Get('Installation date'))


[Tools].CurrentMember.Get('Installation done') = '<value for true>'

You might define the specific dimension level for the tools within the Tools dimension by adjusting the third line of the expression in the following way.

[Tool].[<name of the tools level>].Members,

If none of these helps, please write to the support e-mail directly with the screenshot of .AllProperties for a tool that should have appeared in the results.

Oskars /