Use status dimension for different issue types at the same time

What I am trying to do is: report the epics progression based on the stories status category.

I was perfectly able to do it with this setup BUT I also need to filter the epics by their status. I only want to see the epics in development status.
If I move the status dimension in pages so that I can filter, I loose the view to filter the stories by status category.
In other words, how can I use the status dimension for both in measures and in pages for different issue types (epics and stories).

Hello @ladytima,

Do not drag Status dimension to Pages, just click the “pages” button in the lower-right hand corner.
You’ll be able to have a dimension in both pages and columns sections!

It works the same for dimensions in “Rows”:

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Vasile S.

Yes that is what I did. But again if I do that, my report doesnt work.
My report currently groups my stories by status category right.
So if I add the status dimension in the pages as well, it will filter the stories and not the epics. But I want to see all the stories but only those under the epics in progress status.

Hi @ladytima,
If you want to filter all issues by the parent Epic status, you can create an issue link field dimension “Epic status”. See more in the documentation: Issue link field dimensions

Gerda //

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Epic status solves my question, thanks

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