Use the column-sum in a calculation


I am pretty new to eazyBI and especially to MDX. The problem is not very complex, but I still can’t figure it out.

Here is the Situation: We have a capacity of 100 story points in a project. I want to create a pie chart with the categories DONE, IN REVIEW, IN PROGRESS and OPEN.
OPEN should be calculated by 100 - Total. So instead of the Total row, I need an Open row (in this case with the value 8.4).

I know how to create calculated memebers, I just can’t figure out the MDX expression.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Matthias_Frohlich,

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​The pie chart is built from the same level data series.
​There are several options for getting “Remaining story points” in the same pie with several different statuses.

First, you might create a calculated measure “Remaining story points” where you subtract the story points relevant to any of statuses ​from 100.
​The expression might be as follows.

[Measures].[Story points created]

​Then you might add this measure to the report. You will see that it creates additional columns for each of the displayed statuses.
​Then you might remove the Status dimension from report rows. Then you have two columns - created and remaining story points.
​The next step is to drill into the “Story points created” measure by the Status level of Status dimension.
​Please read more about that here - Drill into measure
​Now you have four columns - three with created story points split by statuses and one with remaining story points.

​When you apply the pie chart formatting, you will see a multitude of circles. Select “swap axes” to “rotate” the dataset and get the correct pies.

Another option is to create a “dummy” calculated status and create a calculated measure that behaves differently depending on the current Status.

​Oskars /