Use Time dimension based on Issue close time instead of Issue created

I would like to set up a report where I aggregate SLA measures (% met, avg. time, etc) of issues. Each line represents a priority. On the page level I would like to use the Time dimension based on the Issue closed date.

However, I found the the Time dimension appears to be resticted to the Issue created date.

Is there a way to use the Issue closed date in the Time dimension?

Thanks for any advice!


Welcome to our community!

Different measures work differently with the Time dimension. Issues created measures show on Time dimension by issue creation date, Issues resolved by resolution date, and Issues closed by closing date.

The documentation mentions how each measure works with the Time dimension: Jira Core measures and dimensions

You may wish to check this presentation about the Time in eazyBI: Training videos on specific topics

Janis, eazyBI support

Hi Janis,

thank you for taking a look into the matter.

As mentioned, I am looking for a solution to aggregate SLA measures, but I could not find a hint about how this affects the selected Time dimension. Would you care to elaborate?

I also went through the presentation by your coleague Roberts, and I understand that the Time dimension is context-sensitive depending on the used measures.

But still this does neither explain which times are applied when working with SLA measures (it is the creation date, apparently) nor how I can change that (I am interested in closing date).

Thanks again & kind regards,


Hi Reinhard,

Another documentation page is about how Jira Service Management (JSM) SLAs are imported into eazyBI. The main principle in this case is that measures are mapped to the Time dimension by the SLA cycle closing date: Jira Service Management custom fields

If you are not using JSM SLAs, the solution depends on how your SLAs are defined. There can be different approaches to that. It is possible to re-arrange measures to behave differently with the Time dimension.

Janis, eazyBI support