User interface customization

I want add new custom.css for IE11.
So I read User interface customization - eazyBI for Jira, and make files and folders like this.

  1. JIRA_HOME/data/eazybi/custom/layouts/_custom_head.html.haml
    → = custom_stylesheet_link “custom”
  2. JIRA_HOME/data/eazybi/custom/stylesheets/custom.css

But eazyBI pages are not changed.
Please tell me how I can import my custom.css?

I use
eazyBI for jira ( (version 6.2.2)
License type : Atlassian Marketplace
License type : Commercial


There could be several reasons why your customizations are not applied:

  1. After adding customizations you need to disable/re-enable eazyBI app,
    To see if the custom.css file is loaded, you can open the browser developer console → network tab and search “custom”. You should see your created custom.css file there.

  2. If you see that custom.css file is loaded but customizations still aren’t applied It could be that you need to clear the browser cache to reload the new styles,

  3. Or it could be that your CSS style is overridden by eazyBI style.
    In this case you need to inspect your CSS code with the browser developer console and see what CSS rules are applied to specific HTML element.

Janis / eazyBI

Thank you very much for your help.
“After adding customizations you need to disable/re-enable eazyBI app” solve my problem.

I think that text needs to be added to the tutorial(User interface customization - eazyBI for Jira)

And I need one more help.

I want to add a JS and click the chart to show the issue data belonging to the area.
With the existing function, it is impossible due to the 60 second limit.

Can you tell me how I can add new popup and append issue list?