User Role Access for creating Dashboards (eazyBI JIRA)

We recently changed the eazyBI JIRA Role Access to make almost everyone a “User” as defined in the eazyBI documentation (see the link and image below). This was helpful because it keeps people from overwriting Reports that they did not create. The problem now is the User Role cannot create their own Dashboards (eazyBI JIRA), but have to wait until someone with “Reports admin” access is available to create a new Dashboard for them. My question: is there a way to give a “User” Role the ability to create their own eazyBI Dashboard?

eazyBI Manage Role Access



That is correct observation. eazyBI account users with “user” roles can not create eazyBI dashboards.
Currently, there is no good possibilities to structurize eazyBI dashboards and users creating their own dashboards could lead to many dashboards in the account and we don’t want to allow that.
Instead, we would recommend perhaps creating a separate eazyBI account and giving higher roles to users in their accounts.
Note, that you can use Template accounts to import reports and calculations for users or user groups.
Template accounts.
Also, eazyBI users can publish their reports on their Jira dashboards where their eazyBI can be inserted as gadgets.

I registered your idea in our backlog but I can’t promise any release dates for this change in eazyBI.

Martins / eazyBI