User-Specific Bookmark and Recall of current selection of Dimension Members on a Dashboard

we provide several dashboards for our Users centrally, where they can get different metrics on different levels (e.g. Teams or Feature). Usually, a user is interested in a very specific subset of the data and this is fine, as long as he has to select e.g. one Member on a Team Dimension. But on several occassions we had the use-case, that a user typically has to select maybe 10-15 Members in a Multiselection, if e.g. he wants to see an aggregated burndown of those issues. This is tedious and error-prone work.

Could you please introduce/think about a Feature where a user could bookmark such a Multiselection, and maybe even spanning several dimensions (e.g. a combination of Epic-IDs and Labels could also be helpful to be persisted)?

I’m actually confused I haven’t found this request in this forum yet, as it is a very common use-case for us.

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Hi @thv

Thanks for the feature suggestion! We’ll look into this as a possible feature, but I can’t promise any foreseeable timeline for this.

However, there are a couple of pieces of advice that could help you out with this.

  1. Consider creating additional report accounts. In the dedicated report accounts, you can import only the relevant projects for the work groups.
    This will also help declutter the Dashboard section, as each account’s dashboard sections are kept separate, and you may even pre-save certain most-used dashboards with the necessary selections.
  2. In the Analyze tab, when creating or editing a report, you can define new calculated members that will Aggregate several members under one member. In this example, in the Project dimension I will create a new “Demo projects” member that will aggregate all the Demo projects. Next, in the Dashboard section, I’ll add the Project Page filter as a common page filter and select the newly created member. Now, when I need to select all three Demo projects, I can simply select the “Demo projects” aggregate. (see the following images)

Let me know if you have any questions on this!
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Nauris / eazyBI support