Using Cross Projects Releases in Advanced Roadmaps


In Advanced Roadmaps we have Cross Project Releases defined in plans. These allow the management and alignment of fixVersions/Releases of multiple projects to one Cross Project Release.

Is there a way of using these AR defined Cross Project Releases in EazyBI? If not, do you have any suggestions/examples of how you would manage this in EazyBI. Ideally I don’t really want to have to re-define these Cross Project Releases in both places and run the risk that they go out of sync.



The cross-project releases from the AR should appear in the same list of Fix versions once you import the data of all projects related to this cross-project release:

You can check that in the Fix version dimension selecting the “By name” hierarchy:

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks @janis.plume

Maybe we have something set incorrectly in out Jira/AR setup as it doesn’t look like the Cross Project names are being imported into EazyBI.

We have Cross Project Release Defined in a Plan in AR, like the following. For example “CPR Milestone 11” maps to 5 different releases in 5 projects

If I look for the “CPR Milestone 11” in EazyBI by name, the cross project name doesn’t appear on the list.
However I can see the individual Releases per project.

I can create a calculated member By Name and filter for the milestone 11 member names and this will give me my results but I would be happier if I didn’t need to re-define these members and they got imported directly from AR.

Any tips would be really appreciated,


Thank you for pointing to this. My previous experiment also included a manual adding of some issues to the newly created cross-project release. This action adds the version to the Fix version list of the issues in Jira. eazyBI will not create cross-project releases without having them explicitly specified for issues, unfortunately.

Your solution of creating the calculated members is the workaround I would recommend.

I added this request to our backlog to evaluate if it might be implemented in any future versions of eazyBI.

Janis eazyBI support

Hi Janis
Thanks for your reply and clarifying.
Looks like my solution is the recommended one so I’m happy to hear that.
Thanks for adding this request to the backlog. Hopefully it’ll get added in future releases.

@janis.plume, is there a place where we can vote for this feature or when would it be available?

We have the same requirement and adding them manually can be tedious if there are a lot of releases in Advanced Roadmaps.


Thank you for letting us know.
Your comment here counts as one more vote. We do not publish the feature requests for public voting.

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks Janis.

Could you also add to the backlog the “component” grouping as well? Link: Grouping by components | Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Data Center and Server 3.29 | Atlassian Documentation



The option to group or filter by component should be possible with the current features of the eazyBI data model. Note that the Component is at a lower level of the Project dimension.

If that might not be suitable, you can create a separate dimension for the Component using Javascript calculated custom field in eazyBI: Cant Select the Components even after adding Custom JavaScript code - #2 by martins.vanags

Janis, eazyBI support

any idea when will this be implemented? cross-project releases?

Hi Janis,

In general, if you have the exact fix version name in two different projects, will EazyBI aggregate the issues under one when following the method above selecting “name” via the hierarchy level?