Using Harvest integration


I have 3 questions concerning Harvest integration.

  1. I want to evaluate Revenue from a project versus internal cost. In Harvest a project has:
  • Total hours Billable and Non-Billable
  • Budget: Budget, Amount Spent, Budget remaing
  • Internal costs: Time and Expenses
  • Uninvoiced amountI

I can find most amounts, but the internal cost (time per person * cost rate) I can’t find. Neither the cost rate per person (based on this I could indirectly calculate the cost). Is this included somewhere or will it be included in the future?

  1. How are following measurements calculate:
    Billable hours?
    Billable amount?
    Invoiced amount?

I get different data than what I see on the Harvest reporting. And although I can make a correction that seems to work, I still want to understand the mechanism behind it. I think it’s somehow using hours invoiced instead of sum of all billable categories.

  1. A more philosophical question. If I would combine Harvest data with JIRA data in EazyBI, what would be the best approach?

Many thanks in advance for your answers,


Hi Christopher,

Please find answers to your questions:

This is how we calculate following measurements:

Billable hours = Rounded hours if an entry is billed or task is billable
Billable amount = Billable hours * Hourly rate, where the Hourly rate is taken from Project configuration - either per project, per task or per person
Invoiced amount = Billable amount if an entry is billed

Person cost rates currently aren’t imported as there are two different kinds of them

  • one defined for a person in profile Basic information - it would be easier to add it as property to Person dimension members
  • one defined for each person in a project if project billed per person - this one would be harder as currently, we don’t have link dimension between persons and projects

About Jira - currently, you could import Harvest data only as additional data to the Jira issues cube using REST API.

Best regards,
Martins / eazyBI team