Using Issue History Measure and Filter for specific issue created date range

Hi, I need some help with this problem. It seems easy but not sure how to execute.

I currently have a cumulative flow chart to show issues status counts over time.

The measure its using is issue history. I now want to add a page filter which allow me to only see issues which have been created prior to a specific date i…e. before 18th Nov.

Need some advice on how to do this.

Hi @ndsouza90
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There are two ways you could go:

  1. create a separate eazyBI account where you can use JQL filter in import options page and import issues created before Nov 18th

  2. use Javascript in advanced settings to define a new pre-calculated field and then select it to import as a separate dimension. Then filter issues by this dimension in the report.

See similar script that imports member “YES” in new dimension for issues created since 2020:

name = "Created before Nov 18, 2021"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
javascript_code = '''
var zbpStartDate = new Date(2021, 10, 18);
if(Date.parse(issue.fields.created) <= zbpStartDate)
issue.fields.customfield_crbfnov18 = "YES"

Martins / eazyBI