Using Resolution to illustrate velocity chart

I plan to draw velocity chart using EazyBI. Just the point is my Jira board includes two main column with Done status. a) ready to release state b) released state. Note: ready to release happens when user story will be on staging environment then team will merge and release them on the production environment. For this reason when I want to calculate the velocity, I consider ready to release column as the final column when team will publish its work on staging and got its points.
To calculate velocity we need story point committed and story point completed.
The definition of committed story point will not be changed however, based on my above explanation as completed story point should be calculated in ready to release column, the new calculation is needed. I defined resolution for this ready to release column called “Staging” and now I would like to use it to re calculate completed story point, how can I write the query of this new calculated measure? thanks


I will assume your requirement for the velocity calculation is to adjust the standard measure of Running Story Points velocity for 5 closed sprints to consider the issues in Ready to release status as completed.

For that, you should create a new measure using the pattern of the Sprint Story points completed. You can check the formula that it considers as completed all the story points that have reached the Done status category. In your case, you can implement a new measure (Sprint Story points completed V1) with the formula like this:

([Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],
  [Transition Status].[ready to release])

Now you can build your own running velocity formula by taking the existing as the basis:

    [Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.Level.Name = 'Sprint' AND
        -- filter last 5 previous sprints in a board starting from current sprint
      -- set the count of last closed sprints for running velocity
      5 ),
    [Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed V1]

Janis, eazyBI support

Hi Janis thanks for your help. I have few issue, I appreciate if you can help me.

  1. The query, does not filter the last five sprints.
  2. I do not want that the one that are including and after “Ready to Release” state and move from previous sprint to new sprint to be calculated as Story point committed in new sprint.
  3. How we can calculate the remaining story points coming from previous sprint (we should read it from remaining story point field and ignore the actual story point field).