Vacation and Capacity planning


Our management had a request to have a capacity overview for the different teams in our department. The capacity should take into account when the different team members planned vacation or other work leave.

We spent quite some time to find simple tools that could help with this and finally we have found a simple solution.

We use EazyBI with Jira. And on the atlassian marketplace we found the “Fiesta” By Deiser App. This is a simple app where admins can define holidays, working hours etc. Each team member then has his/her own calendar, where the team member is able to plan vacation and other work leave.
The Fiesta App then has a REST API which we use in EazyBI to import data.

One of the capacity reports in EazyBI. The report is automatic updated when a team member changes vacation plans in Fiesta

Another report showing which team members that has vacation the different weeks

Fiesta is pretty simple to setup, follow your intuition or the manual.

EazyBI import.
We have an excel spred sheet with the team member name

which is imported into EazyBI Capacity Cube.

When the spread sheet is imported. We create a REST API import in EazyBI for each team member. It might be possible to optimize this, so only one import is needed, but we have not investigated that yet.
The following Source data URL is used. Remember to update the username and the startdate/enddate:

A custom Javascript is used to transform the source data

The source column mapping is set up like this:

Create imports for all of your team members, and then you are ready to build reports with capacity.