Value disappering when not present any longer

what is happening to me is that I added in the column a custom field, but I want it only for some particular values.
As some value was not assigned into the import, I added one temporarily to make an import with the previously missing value present. In this way I could select it in the report in the individual selection and I saved my report correctly.
The problem is that when I put back the value to the original one and making the new import, that value was not present any longer in the individual selection.
What i undestand is that is a value on time is not present any longer in the import, even if previously present when the report was created, it is cancelled from the report. And if the value than is back in the import, anyway the report has to be changed again re-including the missing value. Is that correct? If yes, do you have any workaround to fix this problem?
Many thanks.

Hi @fg77

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If I understood correctly, you have a custom field imported from Jira that has a value that is not used in any of the Jira Issues, right?

Temporarily adding the value to an Issue and triggering the import is the correct solution for this and the value should stay in your eazyBI as long as you don’t deselect or do some changes to the parameters of the custom field that would trigger a re-import for it. Also, if you trigger the full re-import, the value will be cleared as well.

So the correct steps would be:

  1. Add the value to an issue in Jira;
  2. Start the import (the project with the issue has to be selected for import into this account);
  3. Don’t trigger re-import, and don’t change the settings of this custom field;
  4. Disable the “Hide empty” option in your reports so that the value would not be hidden.

You can now remove the value from the Issue, and it should stay in your eazyBI as long as you don’t clear the existing data/data structure of this field by doing a full re-import or changing the field settings.

​​Let me know if this fixes the issue or if you have any additional questions on this!
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​Nauris / eazyBI support