Variences between Jira standard reports and what I'm pulling in EazyBI


I just recently started using the tool in order to get better analytics than I can get from Jira itself. I started to notice there where variations between how the two systems reported the same data. I have tested pretty much all the sprint metric Measures and can’t find a way to get it to show what I am looking for and wondered if there was some custom code, I’m not well versed in MDX, that might help.

  1. If you look at sprint sprints 1 and 2 you will see there is a difference in the committed statistic. In Jira these items show as “closed outside the sprint” and are excluded from the commitment. These items where assigned to future sprints, then changed to “closed”, vs done, which we use as a won’t do status. The users forgot to take the sprint off of the item before moving it to closed. We have now added automation to prevent this but the historical data will still have these in them. I am wanting to subtract the “outside of the sprint” story points from the “story points committed” measure and can’t see to make it work.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

You can ignore this and chalk it up to just getting started. I just created a new measure that aggregated the combo of default measures in the way I needed it to.