Various KPI measurement support

Hi, before I decide to use easyBI, i have a few questions regarding whether I can create these types of KPIs using this product.
Want to note that we use Jira Software + Jira Service Management projects on the same Jira instance

  1. Epic plan vs actual: which means I use a custom field Planned Release with values for a specific quarter (Q3, Q4, etc) for the Plan and I use Resolve date range (e.g. Jun 1 - Sept 30) to see whether what was planned (aka Planned Release field) was actually done during that quarter. The KPI is that i need to reach % Done from quarter to quarter.
  2. Complete Progress of Epic planned for that Quarter: Basically its taking #1 above and seeing the progress of each Planned Epic and seeing how it is progressing based on its Epic status (e.g. Backlog, In Progress, Deployment, Done, etc)
  3. Also breaking down #1 of the Epics that were actually planned and those added after the quarter (date) starting of the quarter. So for example, say the freeze date is June 5 and an Epic was added after that during the quarter, it is considered unplanned item. It could still be delivered in the quarter, but it wasn’t originally planned.
  4. KPI on Jira Service Management customer satisfaction - so say i want to keep 4.8 as my customer satisfaction per month
  5. Plan vs Actual projects - meaning Epics whos start date was x, due date y, and updated data w, etc. I want to show on a Gantt how my Epic is doing based on specific dates
  6. Diff SLA KPIs from Jira Service Management data
  7. % delivery of sprint: based on Story points committed to in the sprint start, vs how many items (stories) actually completed during the sprint, as well as how many new added during the sprint

I know it is a lot, but i want to know what easyBi supports in regards to my needs.
Thanks in advance!