Velocity and Burnup using Original Estimate & no sprints

In project we are using Orig Estimate and not sprints. I had some success converting EBI report Version Report - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI from Storypoints to Original Estimate. I think what I need are measures. Original Estimate resolved and Cummulative Original estimate resolved formulas. I could not see the code for your Story points resolved to help me.
Original Estimate resolved = sum of Original Estimate values for all items over some measure like weeks (but not sprints) that are resolved = yes. FYI we are not using remaining Estimate. Thanks for any guidance.

Clarify first sentence. We have project where we are using Original estimates and not story points. Also we are not using sprints. I am interested in a “per week” burndown and velocity chart utilizing Original Estimate

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Measure Original estimate hours are related to issue creation date only. If you need to retrieve Original estimated hours with any other date (by resolution date in your case), you can create a new custom field measure with JavaScript code. This measure will automatically be related to all default dates and any other date you are importing into eazyBI as a measure.

Follow the instruction given by my colleague Daina how to create and import such a measure: Date in original estimated time by other date measure - #2 by daina.tupule

Then, in the report, use Time dimension weekly hierarchy in rows (add the same dimension in Pages to filter weeks by years) and imported “Origianl estimated hours resolved” measure in columns.

From this measure, use added standard calculation "Cumulative sum" to create the cumulative sum of original estimated hours resolved: Create reports - eazyBI

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Ilze, thanks for reply. Without import you describe I was able to get Cumulative Orig Est table/chart to work… Or it looked like it was working. What Daina describes with advanced settings and imports sound complex. Question: How do I get Original estimated hours resolved Measure. Import from where?