Version report not working


I am trying to replicate the Version report ( in our environment. But something is missing and I can’t quite figure it out. I have created the relevant calculated measures, but Time in version is empty, predicted completion line is empty on the table and predicted dates only shows today. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

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Version report works only if you have a set of measures for custom field Story Points. You would like to have some issues with Story point for the report to show any data. You would like to have at least some issues with Story Points resolved and some issues with Story Points unresolved to see a prediction line.

We use resolved Story points to indicate current progress and use it to show you possible prediction line if you still have some unresolved issues. If you have just started the version and there are no any resolved issues, you would like to wait till some issues are resolved to see the line.

You can check version Story Points burndown report to see burndown/burnup lines for a new version p from version start date till version release date. It works on Story Points as well.

If you are not using Story Points you would like to update formulas replacing Story point measures with similar measures representing either issues or other estimates.
For example, replace Story Points created with Issues created, Story Points resolved with Issues resolved, Story Points due with Issues due.

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