Version Report Using Velocity, Forecast and Fixed Dates

Hi, I’ve been working with two of the custom report you have built “Project Prediction Report” and “Version Report”. I’m trying to get a similar report by using:

  • Predicted line from velocity (which I took from your “Predicted Line from 5 Sprints Velocity”) instead of Predicted Line or other measures based on day by day performance.
  • Print Today’s date and Predicted Completion Date
  • Add a Fixed Date that represents a Desired/Target Launch date

From my report below I’m yet to figure out 1) how to get the predicted date based on velocity to print and 2) how to add a fixed date E.G 10/01/2020 that will represent what our target is.

The fixed date can’t be taken from any Version since I include multiple versions in the same report, I’m looking for something that I can “manually” edit in eazyBI.

My intention is to show how our predicted date changes by adding/removing scope.

Hope you can help me with this
Thanks in advanced
Hector R

Any suggestions on how to address this?

Hi @Hector!

It’s great to see you have built the report you are looking for by combining eazyBI demo reports!

In the Version report you can see that all dates that should be displayed as vertical line are combined within one measure. The Prediction line comes from the “Predicted completion date” calculation, which calculates story points due and average story points resolved per day and adds that many days to today’s date.

When you have the Predicted date printed as a date or any other custom date you wish to display as a vertical line, you can put it in the calculation similar to Predicted dates in the Version report:

Case When -- to print Today
  'Today - ' 
  || + Format(Now(), 'Medium Date')
When -- to print custom hardcoded date
   'Target Date - ' 
  || + Format(DateParse('10/01/2020'), 'Medium Date')

Lauma /

Awesome, this is what I was looking for. Thanks!

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