Vertical headers in export

Vertical headers do not work in XLS export - all headers are horizontal there. Can you please fix it so it will look like report in EasyBI?

Hi Petr!

Thank you for sharing this with us. While I can think of the cases when exporting vertical headers to excel could be beneficial, I have to admit that exporting all headers horizontally is intended functionality and we don’t have plans on the roadmap to change how headers are displayed in Excel export.
The excel export is intended for cases when you plan to do some manipulations to the data you have filtered in eazyBI; if you wish to export the report with the view as in eazyBI, please use the PDF export.

Let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions. Thanks!
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To be honest, I did not expected this. I hoped that export should look as close as possible to original. For example colors are exported as expected, so export is not just plain text. We are using lot of conditional formatting.

Problem is that Table report is not possible to export to PNG (we could try to make multiple screenshots and stitch them together, but it is VERY unfriendly way) or PDF, so XLS is closest export which cover visual aspects. Sometimes we need to take the report to other places, use it in presentation, use it offline or something similar.

On the other way, this is not blocker because anyone still can make headers vertical in Excel afterwards. It is just annoying. I will be happy if you will reconsider it in future.


To get reports as they are displayed in eazyBI, you can use the PDF export also in table reports. If you do not see the PDF export button in the Table view, please make sure you have configured the PDF export or contact our support if you experience any problems with the PDF exports of table reports.

Thank you for bringing this up! You are correct that we try to make report in exported Excel as similar to the eazyBI report as possible, but it never occured to us that the vertical header might be an issue in this case. I will bring this further to the design team for considering.

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Hello, I thought that PDF export is not intended for Table view as well. It works fine with other types of our reports for us. Maybe we are using that deprecated PhantomJS. We will make sure that our environment follows your guidance.

Thank you.

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Hello, we have set it according your guide and now PDF export is available. Unfortunately we have run into different problem - PDF paper size. Our table is quite big and it is split across several pages. Is there any chance how to modify page size or chart scale, so it could fit single page?

Yes, for now it is so that wide tables are cut off to fit the page in PDF export. I totally hear you on this one!
I have discussed this with eazyBI developers and it is added to our backlog to further consider how to improve wide table export, e.g. to append the cut off part at the bottom or specify zoom level. I will keep you posted when anything new regarding this appears though there are no estimates I could give.

The only workaround I can suggest for now is splitting the table into several reports without horizontal scrolling for export needs.

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