Vertical line from aggregated fixVersions' release dates

The original problem is: I have a project with 4 milestones reflected in 4 fixVersions and I want a solution to put vertical lines on my report for each of them.

I wanted to establish vertical lines as in this example:

But even in this example, it seems its not possible on aggregated item.
Vertical lines are only present for “now” and “predicted date”.
Of course it does not work either on my report as well.

Is it possible to have multiple vertical lines like that?

Hi @MrR4ndom
Welcome to eazyBI community.

Please see an example of version report on Timeline with multiple versions as vertical lines.

To show a string on vertical line, make sure it is represented against a time period and then change the type for the measure when clicking on the marker in the chart legend.


Alright, so it should be measure!
Thank you Martins!