VisibleRowsSet work around

Hi. we have version 4.7.3 and cant upgrade for some time due to various reasons. I need to import a report but get Error: “No function matches signature ‘VisibleRowsSet()’” … I see VisibleRowsSet is only available in v5.0+ … is there any workaround to get … to work without that function?

Hi @lujmo

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Indeed, in this demo report, a standard calculation is used to get the trend line of remaining story points. Standard calculations are invented since eazyBI version 5.0.0. (see changelog), and they use new MDX functions. As older versions do not recognize those functions, you get the error importing this report.
You may replicate this report in your instance step by step, copying all needed calculation formulas one by one.

Though, I would highly suggest upgrading to the latest eazyBI versions as a lot of new features, as well as bug fixes, have been added since version 4.7.3.