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H Team,
internal server error

@oskars.laganovskis Oskars Laganovskis,
I am working on visualization git code commits and i have uploaded my csv file with the fields "Author name, Author when, email id,domain name, scrum team name etc so i have created visualization for monthly,weekly,daily with date of commits its user associated info such as email, domain name so currently when i click on particular user the users data i have to expand it but i don’t need that if i click on the user it shows all the info as i mentioned with its fields details. I tried workaround of eazy bi team but it did not work i.e. they told me to write definition script but it shows internal server error. I have attached the screenshot.

@ Oskars Laganovskis,please respond to above query asap.

Hello @yuga369 ,

As we found out over the e-mail, the question was related to custom data mapping in a custom data cube. You had mapped multiple data fields as different levels within the same dimension.
initial data mapping

That resulted in the need to expand each level to display the data.

Your request was to show all data right under the user.
The suggestion was to amend the source data to show additional data fields info in one field so it can be imported as one additional level in the dimension.

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