Want row that aggregates/totals the subset bookmarked in the table

First my apologies. I know I have to put more work in understanding eazyBI. I’ve made progress and have found many answers just googling. I need to try to get this report quickly so am asking for help. It seems like it would be easy to do.
I have ‘Issue Type’ in Pages so I can only show data from Epics in my table. I then have a custom field, which has been imported, called ‘Dev Owner’ in Rows. I want to find the Epics tagged with a few specific Dev Owner Names. To do this I used the search and bookmark field which worked well. However I also need a total of data from this set of the Epics. I have tried a few different things and can’t seem to figure it out.
Again I apologize for my ignorance. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Julie

OMG I just found the ‘Total Row’ button. :roll_eyes:
Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time. I have what I need now. Thanks!

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